Jelenko gala performance at Slovenian summer nationals

12 October 2014 00:00
Podium Slovenian summer nationals 2014 Kranj
Podium Slovenian summer nationals 2014 Kranj -

The next success for Slovenian team leader Marjan Jelenko! At the national championships taking place at Kranj and Pokljuka, the 23-year-old claimed the title a clear one minute and 18 seconds ahead of runner-up Joze Kamenik. The third athlete on the podium was Urh Krajncan who crossed the finish line a whopping two minutes and 38 seconds after Jelenko.

Jejenko set a great 111 metres on Kranj’s HS 109 hill and easily claimed the intermediate lead with a total of 127 points. Joze Kamenik followed at a respectful distance with 109.5 points after a 98 metre jump. Rok Juvancic held the intermediate third rank with 89.5 metres (93.3 points), closely followed by Urh Krajncan (89 m; 93 p.)

With a lead of one minute and twelve seconds, Jelenko could have taken it easy in the 10-kilometre roller-ski race at Pokljuka but as a true champion, he also set the fastest cross-country time of 24:13.0, leaving no doubt as to who the leading Slovenian Nordic Combined athlete is. Kamenik also had no trouble defending his second rank while Urh Krajncan worked his way up on the podium by overtaking Juvancic.

Ranks four to six went to Luka Oblak, Borut Mavc and Vid Vrhovnik.

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