Jelenko Slovenian Champion

17 October 2011 15:59
jelenko -

He is Junior World Champion and already an established athlete in the World Cup, not yet among the best, but still. In Slovenia Marjan Jelenko is hard to beat: He won this year's national championships in Kranj.
"Before the jumping I thought I had a chance to win, but when I was only third after it I did not think about the first place anymore." But Gasper Berlot could not defend the leading position and 20-year-old Jelenko started his sprint to Gold 50 m before the finish line, followed by Joze Kamenik and Berlot. Mitja Oranic had a cold and finished sixth.


From today, Monday, the Slovenian team is training in Ramsau, early November they will travel to Scandinavia.


(In cooperation with Petra Bukvicova)