Jim Härtull wins the 2015 Vaskiyhdistetty

27 July 2015 20:21
Jim Härtull wins the 2015 Vaskiyhdistetty
Jim Härtull wins the 2015 Vaskiyhdistetty -

Jim Härtull has been successful at the annual Vaskiyhdistetty-competition which is held in the Finnish town of Lieksa.

Although it was Ilkka Herola who was in the lead after the jumping part with a point total of 145.2 points (57.5 and 60.5 m on the K-55 hill), Härtull worked his was to the top of the podium after an intermediate fourth position and  27 seconds to make up. Mikke Leinonen and Leevi Mutru who held the intermediate positions two and three (140.4 and 136.5 p.)were not able to hang on to their positions and had to give up the silver and bronze ranks to the brothers Herola.

Ilkka Herola who had no chance against Härtull’s fastest time of the day (24:15.0 for the 10 kilometres) held on to the second rank and was missing six seconds to the victory in the end. Older brother Matti fought his was onto the podium with the third fastest time of the day and advanced from his intermediate seventh position. Arttu Mäkiaho showed a similarly fast race and improved his eighth position to a final fourth rank.

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