Jim Härtull wins Waskiyhdistetty 2013 in Lieksa

29 July 2013 00:18
Podium Lieksa 2013
Podium Lieksa 2013 -
Nordic Combined Finland

Jim Härtull is the winner of the traditional Waskiyhdistetty organised by the Lieksanjoki Ski Club this past weekend. 12 competitors started in the 2-jump, 11 kilometre event.

After the first round of jumping, Ilkka Herola was in the lead with a jump of 57,5 metres and 118,5 points. In the second round, teammate Jussi Salo landed an equally good try of 57 metres with 119,6 points. On the whole, the field was closely together after the jumping part, so the first and the last athlete started only slightly more than one and a half minutes apart in the roller ski race.

The hill moved into the centre of a 11-kilmetre roller ski track which wound around the jump seven times and gave the spectators ample opportunity to get a glimpse of the athletes during the race. During the race, two groups of the first four and next four athletes formed and existed for quite some time with a time difference of about 20 seconds between the groups. On the fifth lap, Mikke Leinonen quickened the pace and Jussi Salo lost contact to the group. The trio of Leinonen, Herola and Härtull continued together but the group of followers also managed to increase the pace and another leading group of four formed as Ilkka Herola's brother Matti also managed to catch up.

On the final metres, Jim Härtull broke away from the group, crossing the finish line first, followed by Mikke Leinonen. Younger brother Matti Herola managed to keep his successful sibling at bay and claimed the last remaining podium spot.