Jöbstl and Weber win at Alpencup weekend in Kranj

16 February 2015 09:46
Terence Weber wins the Alpencup in Kranj on Sunday
Terence Weber wins the Alpencup in Kranj on Sunday -
Uwe Mühln

Thomas Wolfgang Jöbstl and Terence Weber are the two winners of the Alpencup weekend in Kranj, Slovenia. The Austrian decided the 10 kilometre Individual Gundersen competition in his favour by 6.3 seconds on runner-up Antoine Gerard from France and 18.9 seconds ahead of Weber. On Sunday, the German turned the tables and took the win 17.9 second ahead if Laurent Muhlethaler and 23.7 seconds ahead of teammate Maik Hanzlik.

After the first jumping event, it had been Austria’s Philipp Kreuzer’s time to shine who headed the results table with a jump of 104.5 metres. A total of 120.7 points put him 12 seconds ahead of runner-up Philip Beikircher (117.7 p.)  on the cross-country track. The intermediate third was German Maik Hanzlik who showed 102 metres and followed Kreuzer in a distance of 19 seconds.

Terence Weber, Antoine Gerard and Thomas Jöbstl ranked eighth (+0:35), 15th (+0:54) and 22nd (+1:15). With the fastest cross-country time of 23:11.4, Jöbstl stormed through the field in the 10 kilometre race and took the Frenchman Gerard with him who was the second-fastest man on skis. Terence Weber held on to the two leaders but had to let go at some point and finished a good 20 seconds back. Jumping winner Kreuzer finished fourth, the rest of the Top Ten ranks were divided between France (Muhlethaler 5), Germany (Hanzlik 6, Geiger 10), Austria (Beikircher 7, Hauser 8) and Italy (Buzzi 10).

Ski Jumping Results
Final Results

The jumping competition on Sunday put Terence Weber in the lead with a jump of 106.5 metres on Kranj’s HS 109 hill. Laurent Muhlethaler and Austria’s Christian Deuschl stayed close with 105.5 metres each and had a time advantage of only 6 seconds to make up. Behind the two, Constantin Schnurr held the fourth position with 104.5 metres and 16 seconds to make up.

In the 5-kilometre-race, Terence Weber who is known are a rather strong jumper held his own. The 13th-fastest time of 11:38.4 was enough to distance Muhlethaler clearly who finished 18 seconds after Weber in the end. Maik Hanzlik worked his way to the podium from the fifth rank. The fastest time was set by Thomas Jöbstl once more (11:08.0) but with an intermediate rank 21, he could only improve to rank six. The rest of the Top Ten ranks went to Christian Deuschl on four, Constantin Schnurr on five, Vinzenz Geiger on seven, Philip Beikircher on 8, Philipp Kreuzer on nine and Phillip Mauersberger on ten.

Ski Jumping Results
Final Results

With this result, Terence Weber extends his lead in the overall standings to 488 points ahead of Laurent Muhlethaler (375) and Thomas Jöbstl (369). In the Nations Cup, a close fight broke out between Germany (2873) and Austria (2781) while the French team has been getting remarkably stronger in the past few weeks. The OPA Alpencup season 2014/15 will conclude with two more competitions in Chaux-Neuve on the 7th and 8th of March.

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