No jumping due do warm weather in Lillehammer

19 November 2013 10:54
No snow jumping in Lillehammer!
No snow jumping in Lillehammer! -

Although the winter was well on its way a couple of days ago, autumn apparently isn't quite ready to let go for this year as the Norwegian, French and Austrian team who had picked Lillehammer as their training/competition venue had to see. Due to the warm temperatures of the last couple of days, jumping on snow on Lysgårdsbakken was not possible, so a change of plans was due.

The Norwegian national championships, which will take place on this upcoming weekend, will hold the ski jumping part on Oslo's Midtstubakken on Friday before going to Beitostølen on Saturday for the cross-country part. (find more information regarding the schedule here)

The French and Austrian team simply focussed on the cross-country part:
Sjusjøen, located in the mountains about 20 kilometres from Lillehammer, offered perfect conditions and with the biathlon season opening taking place there this past weekend, there certainly was no shortage of qualified training partners.

Austria's Marco Pichlmayer who captured the picture above offered a fitting summary of the situation: "As you can see, we won't be jumping on snow here in the next couple of days. But on the upside, we're having perfect conditions for our cross-country training in Sjusjøen. A good thing is worth waiting for!"