Junior World Championship gold for Bernhard Flaschberger

23 February 2016 17:12
Bernhard Flaschberger: Junior World Champion 2016
Bernhard Flaschberger: Junior World Champion 2016 -
Romina Eggert

The new Junior World Champion in the Individual Gundersen 10 km event is called Bernhard Flaschberger. After Norway’s rising star Jarl Riiber was not able to take part in this year’s edition in Rasnov, Romania, the list of favourites was long, but in the end the Austrian proved to be the strongest, crossing the finish line a whopping 59.6 seconds before silver medallist Vinzenz Geiger from Germany. The bronze medal went to Geiger’s teammate Terence Weber. All medallist can look forward to a personalised start right for the World Cup for the upcoming year now.

Kristjan Ilves took the lead in the jumping round taking place already yesterday due to the very warm temperatures. The Estonian recorded 94 metres and 117.1 points which set him 5 seconds ahead of Germany’s Terence Weber who jumped 95 metres (115.8 p.). The third rank went to Japanese jumping talent Hisaki Nagamine. He landed at 94 metres which gave him 113.7 points on Rasnov’s HS 100 hill. For the cross-country race, this meant a deficit of 14 seconds.

Double COC-winner Vinzenz Geiger finished the jumping event in a very promising fourth position with a gap of 22 seconds on the leader Ilves and also fast skier Bernhard Flaschberger only had to battle a delay of 50 seconds, a very doable distance for the Austrian in a 10 kilometre race. One of the hot favourites, Tomas Portyk from the Czech Republic had the longest jump of the whole field with 97 metres but was not able to stand his 97 metres. He fell before the fall line and even broke his ski, so that he was catapulted back to position 23, two minutes behind the leader.

In the race, Flaschberger played for the win from the beginning. He caught up a lot of his delay on the first lap already and formed a leading trio with Geiger and Weber from the second lap onwards. In the third lap, Terence Weber was not able to match the pace of the leader anymore and fell back, soon followed by his teammate Vinzenz Geiger. Flaschberger cruised a clear victory into the finish and also Geiger’s second position was undisputed while an exhausted Weber had to sprint for the third rank agains Finnish strong jumper Eero Hirvonen who showed a great performance also on the shorter skies and challenged the German in a big way. In the end, it was 0.3 seconds that separated the two with the better end for Weber.

Austrian Noa Ian Mraz skied a fast race into the fifth position, improving his 24th rank after the jumping event. Martin Hahn, Kristjan Ilves, Ryota Yamamoto, Samuel Mraz and Leif Torbjørn Næsvold completed the Top Ten.

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