Tiirmaa unstoppable at Estonian summer nationals

20 September 2014 23:11
Karl-August Tiirmaa unstoppable at summer nationals 2014
Karl-August Tiirmaa unstoppable at summer nationals 2014 -
Estonian Ski Federation

Karl-August Tiirmaa has claimed the title of Estonian summer national champion 2014 in a competition in Otepää today. Han Hendrik Piho ranked second by finishing 16 seconds after Tiirmaa and the third place went to Kristjan Ilves who finished one minute and seven seconds later. Kail Piho did not compete because he is recovering from a minor injury after a fall on the cross-country track.

In the ski jumping part of the competition, Estonian jumping talent Kristjan Ilves dominated the field with a jump of 93 metres (120.5 p.) and had 20 seconds of head start on Karl-August Tiirmaa for the cross-country race. Tiirmaa landed at 91.5 metres and with 89 metres, third-ranked Han Hendrik Piho followed Ilves after 34 seconds. The intermediate rank four went to Artti Aigro who had one minute and 16 seconds of time disadvantage to make up in the race.

Second-placed Karl-August Tiirmaa proved to be unstoppable on the cross-country track, though. The 25-year-old delivered the fastest cross-country time with 25:02 for the 10 kilometres, overtook Kristjan Ilves on the way to victory and could hold runner-up Han Hendrik Piho at bay.

„The last lap was the hardest“ winner Tiirmaa reported about the race. „I was thinking about Han catching up with me for the whole last lap, couldn’t turn my head in the end anymore. But in general I am very happy. The form is okay. My jumps are still not very stable but cross-country has been getting better. Hopefully, I will be ready for the winter.“

Runner-up Han Hendrik Piho also had a positive bottom-line for the competition, especially in regards to his new training life in Norway. „I was generally satisfied on the jumping hill. All the jumps I made today were stable and the best jump came in the Nordic Combined round. In the cross country part, I started with confidence but Karl-August was really strong today. We haven’t really prepared for the competitions in Norway with our team at the moment. We have had some hard training periods and I haven’t really recovered from that yet. It’s good to test ourselves in the summer, but the most important thing is to be ready for Winter.“

Result list final Estonian NC summer nationals 2014

Result list SJ Estonian NC nationals 2014

Even for third-placed Kristjan Ilves, the moment to shine still came on the Estional nationals weekend. The 18-year-old won the special jumping competition ahead of Martti Nömme and Karl-August Tiirmaa.