Klemetsen on top after PCR in Ramsau am Dachstein

18 December 2015 13:08
Håvard Klemetsen wins the PCR in Ramsau
Håvard Klemetsen wins the PCR in Ramsau -
FIS/Silke Tegethof

Veteran Håvard Klemetsen has done it again: the 36-year-old was the best man on the hill in Ramsau am Dachstein and won the PCR with a point total of 127.3 points for his 95.5 metre jump. Runner-up was young Austrian Fabian Steindl who landed at 97 metres with a little more favourable conditions which gave him 126.5 points which would translate into a 3 second-advantage on the track.

Japan’s Akito Watabe had a great jump of 91.5 metres which put him on the intermediate third rank, six seconds after Klemetsen. The same point total of 125.7 was also reached by Czech Republic’s Tomas Portyk who shared the third rank.

In the typically tight field in Ramsau (22 athletes would start within one minute if the PCR has to be used), the strong jumpers presented themselves in good shape. Bernhard Gruber and Szczepan Kupczak claimed ranks five and six (+0:14 and +0:16), Eric Frenzel on eight and Ilkka Herola on 10 (+0:25 and +0:37).

A bit surprisingly, Norwegian jumping sensation Jarl Riiber did not rank in the jumping top ten after his crash in Lillehammer but we was not able to reach 95% of hill size after his coach shortened the inrun length to gate 17 (the round was jumped from gates 20/21).

As the PCR also rated as a qualification, seven athletes did not make it into the competition tomorrow: Karl-August Tiiirmaa (EST), Bernhard Flaschberger (AUT), Gasper Berlot (SLO), Sepp Schneider (AUT), Go Yamamoto (JPN), Martin Zeman (CZE) and Michael Ward (USA).

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