Kokslien steals the win in Chaux-Neuve

11 January 2014 14:46
Kokslien triumphs in Chaux-Neuve
Kokslien triumphs in Chaux-Neuve -

After everything looked like a clear triumph for German sensation Eric Frenzel after his PCR win yesterday and his jumping victory this morning, Mikko Kokslien from Norway was able to wrench the victory from the German dominator. He crossed the finish line 0,9 seconds ahead of his teammates Magnus Krog and Joergen Graabak (+1,3), making this competition a total triumph of the Norwegian athletes.

On the jumping hill, Eric Frenzel reigned supreme once more. In a jumping round with not quite easy conditions, he jumped115,5 metres which gave him a total of 122.7 points and the lead at half time with 12 seconds over runner up Wilhelm Denifl from Austria. Denifl was followed by two teammates, Bernhard Gruber and Christoph Bieler who jumped 117 and 114,5 metres respectively. They went out on the track 16 and 23 seconds after Frenzel, completing a very respectable team result for Austria after the jumping part.

Local hero Jason Lamy Chappuis had a good but not perfect jump and started into the cross-country race 49 seconds after Frenzel. Fast skiers Mikko Kokslien and Magnus Moan formed a group at a time disadvantage of 1:05 and 1:07 respectively. Björn Kircheisen had 1:34 to make up.

During the race, Bernhard Gruber and Jan Schmid quickly formed a pursuing group and caught up with Frenzel in the second lap. Over the next two laps, the leading trio managed to keep the strong Norwegians Kokslien, Krog, Graabak and Moan at bay but at the end of the fourth lap, a big leading group hard formed which included also local hero Jason Lamy Chappuis.

The race was about to be decided in the last lap, Frenzel, Lamy Chappuis and the four Norwegians went together but Lamy Chappuis had to let go first. On the last uphill, Kokslien overtook Krog who had been in the lead until then and went on the home stretch with the few metres of advantage which gained him his victory today. Frenzel and Graabak sprinted for the remaining spot on the podium with Graabak having the better end for himself and completing the Norwegian total sweep.

Tomorrow a Team Sprint competition is on schedule at Chaux-Neuve. The jumping starts at 12:30, the race at 15:00.

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