Kristian Ilves and Annemarii Bendi take Estonian nationals

25 September 2016 22:26
Kristjan Ilves wins the summer nationals 2016
Kristjan Ilves wins the summer nationals 2016 -
Suzanne Tahk

Kristjan Ilves and Annemarii Bendi are the new Estonian summer national champions 2016. The pair topped their respective results lists after a competition on Otepää’s HS 100 hill and a 10 kilometre roller-ski track today.

True to his reputation as a strong jumper, Ilves already topped the result list at the intermediate point, showing 92.5 metres which gave him 119.0 points and a 22-second head start on runner-up Han Hendrik Piho. Karl-August Tiirmaa ranked third, starting 30 seconds after Ilves.

In the race, the fastest time came from Han Hendrik Piho who needed 22:46 for the 10 kilometres but it wasn’t enough to take the victory away from Ilves who finished nine second ahead of Piho in the end. Karl-August Tiirmaa hung on to the third position and crossed the finish line 53 seconds after Ilves.

On the girls’ side, Annemarii Bendi continued to cement her position as the top Estonian female Nordic Combined athlete. With 64.5 metres, she claimed the top spot in her race, starting with a comfortable cushion of 56 seconds on the other female competitor. Triinu Hausenberg. In the end Bendi finished the 10 kilometres in 34:35 and secured her gold medal one minute and fourty seconds ahead of Hausenberg.

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Final Results

The national championships in Ski Jumping which were held on the day before were also in Nordic Combined hands. Kristian Ilves won ahead of Karl-August Tiirmaa and Martti Nomme. On the ladies’ side Triinu Hausenberg took the title ahead of Annemarii Bendi and Sandra Sillaste.

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