Kristjan Ilves Estonian summer national champion 2015

14 September 2015 11:14
Kristjan Ilves on his way to the Estonian national title 2015
Kristjan Ilves on his way to the Estonian national title 2015 -
Estonian Ski Federation
EST summer nationals 2015 SJ

The Estonian summer nationals 2015 were held in Otepää on the past weekend, one of the few that united all athletes of the Estonian A-team in one place, as the Piho brothers are living and training in Norway, Karl-August Tiirmaa joined forces with the Finnish team for training purposes while Kristjan Ilves was set to go on a training camp to Val di Fiemme soon. Unfortunately, the point in time meant that the junior team was absent for a training camp but still, seven athletes were in start.

In the competition, Kristjan Ilves reigned supreme. After the jumping part, he was in the lead with 44 seconds on runner up Karl-August Tiirmaa with a beautiful jump of 91.5 metres and 116.5 points. Only Tiirmaa was able to show another decent distance of 87 metres, while shorter jumps of 80.5 and 78.5 metres put Han Hendrik and Kail Piho already +01:44 and +02:04 behind the leader Ilves at the beginning of the race.

While Tiirmaa had the fastest time on the track, he was still only able to make up 13 seconds on Ilves who celebrated a start-finish victory. Han Hendrik Piho finished third, 2 minutes and 26 seconds after Ilves.

EST summer nationals 2015