Krog and Klemetsen winners in national championships in Norway

27 January 2013 22:14
MagnusKrog -

The Norwegian national championships in Nordic Combined and Cross-country skiing have been taking place this past weekend. On Friday, the jumping parts for the Individual Gundersen competition and the Penalty Race were held at the HS 111 Rena-Bakken.

Haavard Klemetsen won both of the jumping rounds, the first one with 108 metres (128 p.) ahead of Magnus Krog (103 m; 121,5 p.) and Jan Schmid (102,5 m; 120,5 p.) and the second one with 111 metres (139,5 p). This meant that runner-up Jan Schmid had to do two Penalty Laps in the race on Sunday, Gudmund Storlien who was ranking third after the jumping had to ski three laps, together with fourth-placed Magnus Krog and Ole Martin Storlien.

In the Individual Gundersen race on Saturday, Magnus Krog had the best end who skied the 10 kilometres in 27:34.9 and crossed the finish line a whopping 37,7 seconds before Klemetsen. Jan Schmid followed as third, 47,3 seconds back.

In the Penalty Race on Sunday, the cards were reshuffled. This time, Klemetsen was successful in the cross-country track and claimed the win and the King's Cup by reaching the finish line 30,4 seconds before Mikko Kokslien who conquered the second rank after having to ski four Penalty Laps. Ole Martin Storlien joined the two on the podium, finishing 31,1 seconds after Klemetsen and 1,7 seconds before Magnus Krog.

You can find the result lists here:

Ind. Gundersen

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