Ladies Nordic Combined gaining momentum in Russia

13 December 2013 08:44
Faces of Ladies Nordic Combined
Faces of Ladies Nordic Combined -

Right before for the first Russian World Cup stop in Chaikovskiy, there is also the first major news to be announced about the development of Ladies Nordic Combined in Russia. The region of Perm, where Chaikovskiy is also located is spearheading a new female Nordic Combined movement with currently 55 girls training to change the future face of the discipline. But also in other parts of the country, in Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Moscown, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhniy Tagil and St. Petersburg, girls are training to become Nordic Combined athletes. In total, 86 female athletes are involved in the sport as of now.

During the Russian national championship, the very first ladies' training camp was held at the new World Cup venue of Chaikovskiy and competition activity has been taken up in several Russian regions. Responsible for the development of Ladies Nordic Combined in Russia is former World Cup athlete and Olympian Denis Tishagin.

The president of the Russian Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Federation, Alexander Uvarov is pleased with the development: "The first training camp and the competitions demonstrated that Ladies Nordic Combined has the potential to develop the same popularity among athletes and fans as Ladies Ski Jumping. We are confident that there will be international competitions in the future and the development is needed now in order to keep up with the other leading nations."