Ladies in the Spotlight: Lisa Eder (AUT)

29 July 2016 00:00
Ladies in the Spotlight: Lisa Eder (AUT)
Ladies in the Spotlight: Lisa Eder (AUT) -
Suzanne Tahk

Up next in the „Ladies in the Spotlight“ series is Austrian Lisa Eder. Lisa has become something of a serial winner in the Youth I age group in the past season and will now move up in the group of Youth II which is eligible for the overall ranking. Time to get to know this serious contender for victories a little bit better.

Can you tell us a little bit how your career as an athlete has gone so far? When did you start skiing and jumping?

Well, I started with ski jumping when I was about ten years old, before that I was a very enthusiastic skier and biathlete.  When I was ten, I wanted to enroll in the ski school in Saalfelden but as early as in the entrance examination, the jumping coach said I have to do Ski Jumping (and Nordic Combined). I was happy with that and we went to the hill in Saalfelden immediately.

So I was at school in Saalfelden for four years and 2015/16 was my first year at the winter sports school in Stams, three more will follow. Here, I can train together with the boys doing Nordic Combined. I am also in the Austrian Ski Federation C-team now which means I get to go to a lot of training camps this summer. If I have some time, I also like to train with my club or the state team.

Do you have any favourite athletes or role models in the Nordic Combined World Cup?

Well, he’s not from the Nordic Combined World Cup but I really admire Thomas Morgenstern. He always fought back, no matter how badly he was injured.

In the upcoming winter, we will have an overall ranking for Ladies in Nordic Combined for the first time ever in the history of the discipline. Are you excited about the development?

Yes of course I am very happy about the development. It’s great to see and I really hope it continues to work out.

With Vuokatti, Oberstdorf, Harrachov and Trondheim, there are four great venues on the calendar. Do you already know if you’re going to take part in all four events? Which one are you looking forward to most?

I believe I am set to start in Trondheim and Harrachov. I am very much looking forward to that.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

I just want to have fun doing Nordic Combined. We’ll see what will come out of it in the end.