Lisa Eder triumphs in first Alpencup events of the summer

14 August 2016 14:11
Austria's Lisa Eder dominates the summer OPA events
Austria's Lisa Eder dominates the summer OPA events -
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It was two victories in a row for Austrian Lisa Eder in the first Ladies’ Nordic Combined events in the Alpencup series in Klingenthal and Bischofsgrün in the past week.

Starting from the third position after the jumping event in Klingenthal, Eder set the second fastest running time of nine minutes and 54 seconds for the 2.5 kilometres and surpassed her teammate Timna Moser and France’s Oceane Paillard who had accumulated 104.4 and 103.1 points respectively in the jumping event which put leader Moser three seconds ahead for the cross-country run.

In the course of the race, Italian Annika Sieff worked her way to the podium from position four by setting the fastest time of 9:43.2 and making up her 19-second deficit from the jumping event. The final third position went to fellow Austrian Sara Kramer while leader Moser fell back to a final seventh position.

There was also no beating the young Austrian at the second Nordic Combined event which was held in Bischofsgrün. Once again claiming the top spot after the jumping event with 118.4 points, she already had a head start of one minute and one second on her teammate Timna Moser. Moser was able to make up ten seconds on the 3 kilometre roller-ski track but Eder still claimed a dominant win with 51 seconds of time advantage at the finish line. Germany’s Alexandra Seifert worked her way up on to the podium from an intermediate fifth position. She finished one minute and 16 seconds after Eder.

Result list Klingenthal
Result list Bischofsgrün