Magnus Moan first winner of the Ramsau-weekend

15 December 2012 16:16
Moan winner Ramsau
Moan winner Ramsau -

Norway's Magnus Moan won the first Individual Gundersen competition in Ramsau today. He crossed the finish line 5,9 seconds ahead of teammate Mikko Kokslien. The third one of the coveted spots on the podium went to Fabian Riessle from Germany who finished 7,4 seconds after Moan.

After yesterday's PCR in which the Japanese team showed a strong performance, with Yoshito Watabe winning, Hideaki Nagai in the fifth rank and Taihei Kato in sixth, today's ski jumping competition round was dominated by the young Austrian Mario Seidl who surprisingly won ahead of Norwegian duo Haavard Klemetsen and Magnus Moan. A jump of 90,5 metres (121,8 p.) kept his competitors at bay during the whole ski jumping competition and gave him an advance of two seconds on the second-placed Haavard Klemetsen. Magnus Moan from Norway began the cross-country race in the third place, 30 seconds behind the leader, after showing a jump of 92 metres (114,3 p.) on the HS 98 hill. The Norwegian team had a strong jumping result with Klemetsen, Moan and Kokslien inside the Top Ten after the jumping.

During the cross-country race, Magnus Moan quickly caught up with the leading duo Seidl and Klemetsen, and ruled the race from then on. He always kept a distance between him and the following skiers and was never in danger to give the victory away. "I am really not used to starting in the Top Five, I am more of a guy who chases the others. But I trusted myself, I know I am in really good shape. I skied pretty fast and decided to just go my race. I felt I had control and it's amazing to be number one again."

In the purchasing group, Mikko Kokslien and Austria's Mario Stecher led the pack but the Norwegian had a controlled plan as how to finish the race: "As I had a teammate in front, I wanted the others to do the job of chasing Magnus and not waste energy on chasing him myself. So, I am in the battle for the top spots again. I am really satisfied with my performance. Our plan for tomorrow is being first and second again, but maybe with switched positions (laughs)!”

Germany's Fabian Riessle had the better end in the sprint for the finish line and beat out Austrian local hero Mario Stecher by 0,3 seconds. "We Germans are a strong team and finally getting into the season now. It all looks a little bit better now and we're stoked to show what we can do." The winner of the Ski Jumping part, Mario Seidl finished on a strong 12th place, achieving a career best in his third start in the World Cup.

You can find the complete result list here.

With this result, Magnus Moan overtook Jason Lamy Chappuis at the top of the overall ranking again and is now in the lead with 313 points to Lamy Chappuis' 275 points.

You can find the overall standing here.

Tomorrow, another Individual Gundersen competition is on schedule for the Nordic Combined athletes. The Trial Round starts at 11:30, the Ski Jumping Competition round at 13:00. The cross-country race begins at 15:30.