Mario Seidl claims victory in PyeongChang PCR

03 February 2017 10:14
Mario Seidl celebrating in Ramsau am Dachstein 2016/17
Mario Seidl celebrating in Ramsau am Dachstein 2016/17 -

Austrian Mario Seidl had a wonderful first day on the Olympic jumping hill in Alpensia Jumping Park, PyeongChang. After two good training rounds, he showed 136.5 m in the PCR and won this jumping round with a large margin. Second-placed Eric Frenzel will have to make up 46 seconds should the Provisional Competition Round have to be used in case of adverse weather conditions.

The German jumped 132.5 metres and had to concede to Seidl, who accumulated a total of 138.8 points. 133 metres and 126.4 points meant rank three for Seidl’s compatriot Franz-Josef Rehrl. Rehrl would start his cross-country race with a disadvantage of 50 seconds.

In total, large gaps opened in the field of 32 starters with last-placed Niyaz Nabeev having to make up five minutes and eight seconds but as less than 50 athletes were on start, today’s event did not act as a qualification. Fast Germans Johannes Rydzek and Fabian Riessle also delivered on the jumping hill today as fifth and sixth but would have to make up one minute and seven and one minute and 14 seconds respectively.

Final Results