Mario Seidl flies to PCR/Qualification win in Trondheim

14 March 2017 00:00
Mario Seidl wins PCR in Trondheim
Mario Seidl wins PCR in Trondheim -
FIS/Silke Tegethof

A beautiful jump of 138 metres catapulted Austrian Mario Seidl to the top of the PCR/Qualification result list in Trondheim. With 136.2 points, Seidl has a head start of 16 seconds on Manuel Faißt from Germany should the PCR have to be used tomorrow. Faißt landed 135.5 metres in a competition, which was not easy due to the wind conditions as well.

The third rank and momentary advantage in the fight for the overall 2016/17 went to Eric Frenzel, who had a good jump of 132 metres in challenging conditions. Rival Johannes Rydzek had even more challenging conditions and ranked eleventh with 121.5 metres. This meant a time disadvantage of one minute and 23 seconds on the leader, should the PCR have to be used.

Frenchman Maxime Laheurte and Japanese Akito Watabe also impressed with good performances and claimed positions four and five. They would start their races at +0:58 and +1:01 respectively.

Kail Piho and Matti Herola did not make the qualification with 103 and only 86 metres, in a very unfortunate wind situation for the Finn. Magnus Krog and Thomas Kjelbotn were disqualified.

Final Result