Marjan Jelenko adds the next national title

19 October 2016 00:00
Marjan Jelenko wins at the national championships 2016
Marjan Jelenko wins at the national championships 2016 -

Slovenian team leader Marjan Jelenko has added the next summer national title to his collection. He put 02:34.0 between him an runner-up Vid Vrhovnik at the national championships in Kranj. The podium was completed by Rok Jelen who finished two minutes and 42 seconds after Jelenko.

Known for a strong jumping performance, Jelenko showed 108.5 metres and 127.3 points in the first part of the competition which put him 31 seconds ahead of Mateusz Malovrh who held the second place on Kranj’s HS 109 hill with 102.5 metres and 118.5 points. In the race, there was no discussion about Jelenko’s victory as he also set the clearly best racing time on the course in Pokljuka with 28:19.0. Vid Vrhovnik caputed the second place with a good race and Malovrh had to be satisfied with the fourth place in the end as Rok Jelen overtook him with the third-best racing time.

Final Results

In the U-16 category, the title went to Jan Bombek who finished one minute and 15 seconds ahead of Damjan Suzic. The third place went to Miha Jekovec who ended his race one minute and 22 seconds behind Bombek.

Final Results U 16