Marjan Jelenko wins first PCR of the summer

22 August 2014 20:51
Marjan Jelenko
Marjan Jelenko -

Slovenia’s Marjan Jelenko, came, saw and conquered the first Provisional Competition Round of the summer of 2014. With a 100.5 metres and a total of 129.7 points, he beat Russian jumping sensation Evgeny Klimov by hair’s breadth, or a point value of 0.1 points. With also 100.5 metres, Klimov and Jelenko would start at the same time should the PCR have to be used on this weekend.

Austrian Christoph Bieler finished third. A total of 127.1 points for a jump of 100 metres would mean a time disadvantage of 10 seconds on the roller-ski track. Bieler’s young teammate Lukas Greiderer held onto a great fourth position while Germans Johannes Rydzek, Wolfgang Bösl and Eric Frenzel claimed ranks five and six and seven. With Szczepan Kupczak, Tomas Portyk and Franz-Josef Rehrl, three young athletes rounded out the Top Ten of the day.

On Oberwiesenthal’s HS 106 hill, the field stayed quite closely together with 26 athletes starting within 26 seconds of each other should the PCR have to be taken into account. For six athletes, the PCR which also acted as a qualification for Sunday’s Individual Gundersen event meant goodbye: Leevi Mutru, Lukas Rypl, Geoffrey Lafarge, Viacheslav Barkov, Samir Mastiev, Joze Kamenik and Nicholas Madden will have to watch Sunday’s competition as well as Alexander Brandner and Samuel Guy who were disqualified.

You can find the full result list here.