Matti Herola takes Finnish summer national title

13 September 2014 17:45
Finnish Summer Championships 2014
Finnish Summer Championships 2014 -
Nordic Combined Finland

Surprisingly, it was Matti Herola and not Finnish team leader and brother Ilkka who took the Finnish national title in Lahti today. Matti Herola beat out Eetu Vähäsöyrinki and Mikke Leinonen for the win who ended up on the other podium places. The junior title went to Atte Korhonen ahead of local hero Jussi Kauppinen and Mikko Hulkko.

Matti Herola had laid the foundation for his triumph in the jumping part already where he set the longest jump of the day with 125 metres on the large hill. With 124.5 points, this meant the intermediate lead and a head start of 21 seconds on runner-up Eero Hirvonen who landed at 120.5 metres. Eetu Vähäsöyrinki accumulated 118 points with a jump of 119 metres and followed Herola on the track 26 seconds back. Ilkka Herola achieved 119.5 metres and 117.7 points which meant 27 seconds of time behind.

On the 10 kilometre roller-ski track, Herola managed to hold on to his lead even though Vähäsöyrinki who overtook Eero Hirvonen on the way to rank two came closer until he was only 11 seconds behind Herola. Mikke Leinonen had the fastest cross-country time with 21:05.1 for the 10 km and finished just a hair’s breadth of 0.1 seconds behind Vähäsöyrinki. Ilkka Herola finished 17 seconds after his brother but couldn’t attack the podium anymore.

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In the junior competition, the eventual winner Atte Korhonen had also already been in the lead after the jumping event with a jump of 90 metres on Lahti’s normal hill. Henri Kavilo and Jussi Kauppinen also landed at 90 metres and so the three athletes went out on the cross-country track with only four seconds between them.

In the 7.5 kilometre race, Atte Korhonen quickly showed that he was by far the best skier of the leading group. He only needed the second-fastest time of the day to finish one minute an four seconds ahead of Kauppinen, taking a clear minute from the resident of Lahti on the track. Third-placed Mikko Hulko was the fastest man out with 15:27.0 for the 7.5 kilometres and improved an intermediate sixth rank after jumping into his final podium result.

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