Maximum surprise at Norwegian national championships

18 March 2016 21:34
Surprise podium at Norwegian nationals: Andersen, Søtvik and Oftebro
Surprise podium at Norwegian nationals: Andersen, Søtvik and Oftebro -
Nordic Combined Norway

The Norwegian national championships 2016 held in Molde ended in a big surprise today. Not the big names from the national team occupied the first three ranks but the victory went to Espen Andersen who continues his winning spree from the Continental Cup weekend in Klingenthal.

Behind the „Unbeatable Mr. Andersen“, Sindre Ure Søtvik occupied the second position and Norwegian Youth Olympic Games athlete Einar Lurås Oftebro captured the third rank in the HS 100/ 5 km Individual Gundersen event that admittedly favours the better jumpers and younger athletes.

Andersen had already taken the lead in the jumping event with a jump of 93 metres that put him 12 second ahead of his Lillehammer Nordic Combined teammate Sinde Ure Søetvik.Einar Lurås Oftebro also occupied the intermediate third position already with 88 metres, starting 40 seconds later than Andersen and ten seconds before national teammember Jan Schmid who had 87.5 metres to show for.

In the five kilometres of racing, all three athletes were able to hold on to their positions, even tough Andersen extended his advantage to 24 seconds, while Søtvik and Oftebro finished with a difference of just one second of each other. 17-year-old Oftebro held off Jan Schmid by 2 seconds. National team members Mikko Kokslien and Jørgen Graabak finished fifth and seventh.

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