Media Information for Nordic Combined

15 November 2013 06:52

Welcome to the Nordic Combined media info section!

Here you will find a number of documents which will hopefully make your life easier.

For any questions regarding the venues and procedures on location, please see the Nordic Combined Media Info Booklets. They will continuously be updated when changes occur, so make sure to check back before the event you would like to attend.

For a quick overview over key facts of the season, please refer to the Key Facts Sheet. The TRIPLE Infosheet will provide you with in-depth information about Nordic Combined's season highlight. All Social Media channels, be it venue-, athlete- or team-profiles are listed in the "Social Media at one glance" document.

We hope you have a great year with Nordic Combined!


Media Info Booklet Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix

Info Booklet FIS Youth Summer Grand Prix 2015

Nordic Combined Social Media at one glance

Infosheet Nordic Combined Triple