Media Information for Nordic Combined

15 November 2013 06:52

Welcome to the Nordic Combined media info section!

Here you will find a number of documents which will hopefully make your life easier in your work with the Nordic Combined World Cup in the season of 2014/15.

For any questions regarding the venues and procedures on location, please see the Nordic Combined Media Info Booklet 2014/15. It's now ready and will continuously be updated when changes occur during the winter.

For a quick overview over key facts of the season, please refer to the Key Fact Sheet. The TRIPLE Infosheet will provide you with in-depth information about Nordic Combined's season highlight. All Social Media channels, be it venue-, athlete- or team-profiles are listed in the "Social Media at one glance" document.

We hope you have a great winter with Nordic Combined!


NC TRIPLE Infosheet 2014/15

NC Social Media at one glance

Key Fact Sheet FIS Youth Cup Trondheim 2015

World Snow Day 2014/15 Fact Sheet