Mikko Kokslien is Norwegian champion 2016

19 November 2016 16:27
Mikko Kokslien wins at home in Lillehammer
Mikko Kokslien wins at home in Lillehammer -

National team athlete Mikko Kokslien has taken the title of Norwegian champion after two competition days in Oslo and Beitostølen today.

After the ski jumping part had to be cancelled due to the difficult wind conditions, Thursday’s PCR was taken into account. Espen Andersen topped the results list with 91.5 metres (116.4 o.) on Midstubakken and was followed by Switzerland’s Tim Hug (91m; 114.9 p.). Håvard Klemetsen held the intermediate third position with 90 metres (113.4 points). For the race, this meant a head start of 6 seconds for Andersen on Hug and 12 second on Klemetsen. Fast skiers Graabak, Kokslien and Moan follow at 22 seconds, 26 seconds and one minute and four seconds back respectively.

True to their reputation, said fast skier did not disappoint during the race. Kokslien put his foot down with the fastest cross-country time of 23:55.5 for the 10 km at Beitostølen and took the win 8.5 seconds ahead of Jørgen Graabak. A bigger gap had opened to the next two athletes in the Norwegian ranking, Magnus Moan and Truls Johansen who finished at 55.7 and 59.6 seconds after Kokslien. In this bigger gap, however, Swiss guest Tim Hug crossed the finish line and therefore took an unofficial third rank in the Norwegian championships. PCR winner Espen Andersen had to be satisfied with the fifth position in the ranking.

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