Mitja Oranic new Slovenian summer champion

06 October 2012 19:35
Oranic -

Mitja Oranic claimed the title of new Slovenian summer champion today in a competition held at the HS109 hill at Kranj. After the ski jumping part, Gasper Berlot was in the lead with a jump of 106 metres which gave him 124.5 points and a ten-second advance on runner up Joze Kamenik. Mitja Oranic and Matic Plaznik tied for the third position after the jumping and followed 24 seconds behind Berlot.

In the roller-ski race, Oranic delivered the second best time with 23:30.0. Only Mitja Drinovec was four seconds faster on the roller-ski track which helped him advance from an 15th rank after jumping to position eight in the overall result. Joze Kamenik held on to his second position after the ski jumping part and crossed the finish line fifteen seconds after Oranic. Matic Plaznik claimed the third rank and kicked intermediate leader Berlot off the podium. On the whole, nineteen athletes started and fifteen crossed the finish line.

You can find the complete result list here.