Moan and Strøm win at Oslo Skishow

11 June 2017 09:37
Magnus Moan and Magnus Krog on top at Oslo Skishow
Magnus Moan and Magnus Krog on top at Oslo Skishow -
Nordic Combined Norway

The annual Oslo Skishow took place in Holmenkollen on the past weekend and the Nordic Combined men and for the first time also the ladies were in action to show off their craft to a big audience at the “cradle of Nordic skisports”. 

In a starting field of nine ladies, Anna Odine Strøm took the win by beating Hanna Midtsundstad by 3.57 seconds. Strøm had captured the pole position in the jumping event already, showing 59 metres on Midtstuen’s K60 hill. 113.6 points gave her a 9.8 point lead on runner-up Midtsundstadt. Thea Øihaugen ranked third at the intermediate point with 54 metres and 95.6 points.  

On the 2 km track, Ida Marie Hagen was the only athlete who was able to change anything about the podium positions. Hagen stormed past Øihaugen to capture rank three, while Strøm was able to keep Hanna Midtsundstad at bay with a cross-country time of 5:38.98. In the end, Hagen was separated from winner Strøm by 44.55 seconds.


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Their male counterparts jumped on the normal hill and roller-skied 10 km in a regular Ind. Gundersen event. Magnus Moan took the victory and also in this case, the later winner ruled supreme after the jumping part. 98.5 and 98 metres gave Magus Krog and Magnus Moan a shared lead with 133.2 metres. Youngster Jens Lurås Oftebro claimed rank three with 103 metres (the longest jump of the day) and 129.5 metres.

In the race, Moan took 5 seconds from Krog to claim the victory in the end. Espen Andersen worked his way on the podium from the intermediate fourth position, narrowly holding off Olympic Champion Jørgen Graabakl, who finished just one second behind Andersen. Oftebro still captured a very respectable ninth position in the end.

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