National mini tour for French team right before SGP start

24 August 2015 11:10
France's Hugo Buffard in the air
France's Hugo Buffard in the air -

„Nothing better than a competition to get into competition mode“ was the motto of the French team in regards to their final preparations for the Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix 2015 and so head coach Jerome Laheurte’s team took part in a competition series taking place on the jumping hills in Gerardmer and in Chaux-Neuve as well as in Premanon with a Nordic Combined competition following at the ski stadium in Les Tuffes.

The ski jumping event in Gerardmer was won by special jumper Ronan Lamy Chappuis, the best Nordic Combined athletes in the mixed field of French, Swiss and German starters was Maxime Laheurte who ended up on the fourth rank.

After this kick-off event, the team made the trip to Chaux-Neuve where another jumping competition was held on the following day. In this event, the victory went to Vincent Descombes Sevoie but this time, Maxime Laheurte managed to hop on the podium with two jumps of 101.5 and 104.5 metres and a point total of 213.2. Also entering the top ten were teammates Francois Braud on rank 5 (199 p.), youngster Laurent Muhlethaler (195.4 p.), Tom Balland in eighth position (191.3 p.) and Antoine Gerard with the 10th rank (185 p.).

Final Results

Nordic Combined victory for Hugo Buffard

On Sunday, it was finally time for a full Nordic Combined event with the jumping part taking place on the jumping hill in Premanon before moving to the ski stadium of Les Tuffes to hold a roller-ski race.

The jumping victory went to Laurent Muhlethaler who topped the result list with a total of 120.5 points and a tight two-second head start on fellow youngster Lilian Vaxelaire (119.9 p.). Theo Hannon followed on the third position with 117.4 points and 12 seconds to make up.

Fast skier Hugo Buffard had a good jump and ranked in a fifth position with only 25 seconds to make up, an excellent position for the following roller-ski race. Fellow fast skier Geoffrey Lafarge ranked seventh, 36 seconds behind the leader. In the race, it was these two athletes who put their stamp on the competition, instead of team leaders Francois Braud  and Maxime Laheurte who ended up on ranks three and four after Buffard had prevailed in the race and crossed the finish line first, 15.22 seconds ahead of Lafarge. Braud followed 23.08 seconds later.

Final Results



Bon vol à tous ! En compagnie de Max Laheurte. Maxime Laheurte

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