New clothes and new awardees at German Ski Federation outfitting

31 October 2013 15:41
DSV Outfitting 2013
DSV Outfitting 2013 -
Deutscher Skiverband

Over 450 German athletes and team members have been outfitted with the new clothes and other gear for the upcoming Olympic season in Eching near Munich on two days this week. Up to 50 pieces of gear like clothes, goggles, helmets and gloves were given out to the athletes as well as about 100 new company cars for the German Ski Federation. For the first time this year, the outfitting was transmitted live via a livestream on the DSV youtube channel and facebook page.

As the outfitting traditionally is also the time to present the Ski Federation awards to the athletes, Eric Frenzel has been awarded the "Golden Ski" in the category of Nordic Combined. After Tino Edelmann had been chosen for the trophy last year, Frenzel has clearly taken the prize for the best athlete in his discipline with his overall World Cup win and individual World Champion title. The "Golden Ski" has been awarded by the German Ski Federation each year since its foundation in 1905 and is presented to the best German athletes of nine different categories.

In addition to that, the best junior athletes were picked as "Viessmann-Newcomer of the Year", an honour that went equally clearly to Triple Junior World Champion Manuel Faißt.