Nordic Combined TRIPLE - News & Updates

16 January 2014 08:58
Seefeld Impressions 2012/13
Seefeld Impressions 2012/13 -
FIS/Silke Tegethof

A new event on the calendar always means new ideas and updates of the existing conventions in order to make the proceedings clearer and easier to understand.

Ski Jumping rounds: starting order & BIBS

During the ski jumping rounds of the Nordic Combined TRIPLE , there will be some novelties for spectators and media alike to reflect the new nature of the event in a better way. On Saturday and Sunday, the ski jumpers will be starting in the order of the TRIPLE standings and not the World Cup. To transfer this visually, all of the athletes will wear BIBs with the numbers according to their TRIPLE ranking. Meaning: Number 50 in the TRIPLE ranking will wear BIB No. 50 and the leader BIB No. 1. Only exception is the yellow BIB which will still indicate the World Cup leader.

Everything will stay the same in regards to the system behind the starting order, though. The best athletes still jump at the end which means that the ski jumping round is started by the athlete with BIB No. 50 on Saturday and BIB No. 30 on Sunday. During the rounds, the numbers will move down to the leader with BIB No. 1 (usually No.1 would start and the leader would have a high number).

Prize Money & World Cup points

Also different is the distribution of World Cup points and prize money. As communicated before, the general idea is to have 50 % World Cup points and prize money for the first two days and double the amount for the final day. On top of that, the overall winner will receive some extra TRIPLE bonus prize money.

Please find a table with the exact amounts of World Cup points and prize money as well as all other rules regarding the TRIPLE in this document from point 4.3. onwards!