Norges Cup victories for Andersen and Storlien

14 December 2014 16:55
Great atmosphere at the Norges Cup in Lillehammer
Great atmosphere at the Norges Cup in Lillehammer -
Granaasen Ski Team

It was a great Norges Cup weekend in Lillehammer for Espen Andersen, Ole Martin Storlien and Lars Buraas. In two Individual Gundersen competitions, the three athletes claimed the podium two times in a row, only with switched positions. While Buraas took the third rank on both days, Andersen and Storlien shared the victories and silver ranks. While Andersen won with a clear 14 seconds over Ole Martin Storlien on Saturday, it was a close sprint for the finish line for all three athletes on Sunday in which Storlien had the best end.

The Norges Cup, which advanced to an international competition with the participation of the two expat Estonians Kail and Han Hendrik Piho as well as the French junior team with Antoine Gerard, Nicolas Didier, Tom Balland and Laurent Muhlethaler, kicked off with the first competition on Saturday. In the jumping event, Espen Andersen already took the lead with a jump of 97 metres (129 p.) on the HS 100 hill. Youngster Jarl Riiber held a second rank with 98 metres, one point behind the leader Andersen. The third rank at the intermediate point went to Audun Hokholt with 95.5 metres (126 p.).

For the track, this meant a four second disadvantage for Riiber, Audun Hokholt hat 12 seconds to make up but for the weaker skiers it was impossible to keep Ole Martin Storlien and Lars Buraas at bay who shared the fastest time on the track with 25:19 for the 10 kilometers. Starting from ranks eight and ten, it meant 54 seconds of time behind for Storlien and one minute and eight seconds for Buraas which they were able to catch up in big parts. In the end, it was a start - finish victory for Espen Andersen who crossed the finish line 14 seconds earlier than Ole Martin Storlien, who in turn kept Buraas off his back by 15 seconds. Ranks four to six went to Sindre Ure Soetvik, Audun Hokholt and Truls Johansen.

The victory in the B category went to Lars Ivar Skaarset, ahead of Leif Torbjoern Naesvold and Vegar Tiller.  

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Ski Jumping Results

On Sunday, Harald Riiber manned the helm of the field after the jumping round with a good jump of 98 metres and a total of 131.5 points. Espen Andersen had another good try of 97 metres and ranked second, 0.5 points back which translated into12 seconds on the cross-country track. Sindre Ure Soetvik also jumped 97 metres and started 18 seconds after Riiber with a total of 129.5 points.

Buraas and Ole Martin Storlien improved their jumping to intermediate seventh and ninth ranks, starting 58 and 40 seconds after the leader -  a time disadvantage that was manageable for the strong skiers. In the end, the fastest time on the track came from Sigmund Kielland who improved his intermediate 19th into a final eighth position.

Andersen, Storlien and Buraas formed a leading group together with Sindre Ure Soetvik with all athletes finishing within two seconds of each other. Storlien, Andersen and Buraas went into a sprint together and finished with identical times with Storlien being named the winner. Ranks five and six were occupied by Gudmund Storlien and Audun Hokholt.

In the B category, Einar Oftebro won with Las Ivar Skaarset and Jarle Eikehaug taking up places two and three.

In the Norges Cup overall 2014/15, which takes into account the nationals at Oslo/Beistostoelen as well as the two competitions in Lillehammer, the overall lead is held by Espen Andersen with 260 points, ahead of Ole Martin Storlien with 204 points and Sindre Ure Soetvik with 150 points.

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