New Norwegian national team and coaching structure

30 April 2014 12:43
Sochi 2014: Team Event
Sochi 2014: Team Event -

After success coach Kristian Hammer had already made his decision public not to continue as coach of the national team at the end of last season, the new structure of the support staff as well as the choice of athletes for the 2014/15 Norwegian national team have been announced today.

After the motto "never change a winning team", there will be no new faces on the coaching team, the main responsibilities have just been distributed differently between the experienced staff from the last successful years.

Sports director Sverre Rotevatn will move into a more operative role with the national team in order to support Bjoern Kaare Ingebrigtsen who will be the new main coach of the team and responsible for the composition of the training and the cross-country part. Nik Huber is returning as responsible coach for the jumping part, and also back on the team is physiotherapist Stein Vidar Thun who acts as assistant for technical and tactical training in cross-country.

"We are very satisfied with the composition of the new coaching staff. We haven't been looking for new coaches but were rather interested in keeping the ones we had. Bjoern Kaare is a very experienced coach. He has been responsible for the athletes of Granaasen Ski Team for many years and played a vital role in the development of Olympic Champion Joergen Graabak. He is ready for an even bigger responsibility now. Nik has been with us since the World Championships in Oslo and has done a great job on the jumping hill. We know Nik is a sought-after jumping coach and it was important for us to keep him for the future", sports director Sverre Rotevatn says.

Ingebrigtsen is happy to start in his new role and has immediately targeted the things still to achieve after the success-season of 2013/14: "The Germans have been better than us with the team and also with their individual athletes during the season, having taken the double victory in the World Cup overall. We have had six different athletes on the podium last year and were best at the Olympic Games. This shows which enormous potential we have in our national team. It was a great season but now we are starting with a blank sheet again. This is important to remember."

As fas as the nomination of the national team athletes goes, next to the six well-known Norwegian national team athletes of the last winter, jumping sensation Thomas Kjelbotn has also made the national team this year.

National Team 2014/15

Joergen Graabak
Magnus Krog
Mikko Kokslien
Haavard Klemetsen
Jan Schmid
Magnus Moan
Thomas Kjelbotn