Norwegian Junior and B-team selection

12 May 2014 20:38
Truls Johansen & Thomas Kjelbotn
Truls Johansen & Thomas Kjelbotn -

A short while after the new coaching structure and the national team of Norway has been announced, the athletes of the junior and b-teams have also been named by the Norwegian Ski Association. For the season of 2014/15, there will be nine athletes in the "Rekruttlandslaget" and six names were put forward for the junior team.

Ole Martin Storlien
Gudmund Storlien
Truls Johansen
Sindre Ure Soetvik
Espen Andersen
Espen Bjoernstad
Christian Ingebrigtsen
Emil Storjord Vilhelmsen

Junior Team
Harald Riiber
Jarl Magnus Riiber
Sindre Pettersen
Simen Tiller
Sigmund Kielland
Lars Halvdan Buraas