Oeystein Granbu Lien wins at Junior World's

25 February 2012 14:49
Erzurum -

The podium in the second individual competition at the World Junior Championships in Erzurum was controlled by the northern Europeans: Two Norwegians and one Finn were ahead in the final nordic combined event at the Championships. Norwegian Oeystein Granbu Lien won the Gold medal with 10.9 seconds ahead of FInland's Ilkka Herola and his teammate Espen Andersen.


Silver medalist Ilkka Herola was in the lead after the jumping with the longest jump of the day on 106.5 m and 132.0 points. He had a lead of 6 seconds. Oeystein Granbu Lien and Russian Evgeniy Klimov tied for the second place.


Herola was in the lead for a long part of the 5 km race. Oeystein Granbu Lien surpassed him in the final downhill and the Finn crowned himself World Champion. His teammate Espen Andersen, who was already fighting for the medals in the individual competition with the 10 km race, improved from 6th to third.