OPA: Dream weekend for Justin Moczarski in Winterberg

19 September 2016 22:05
Fairy tale weekend in Winterberg for Justin Moczarski
Fairy tale weekend in Winterberg for Justin Moczarski -
Romina Eggert

Local hero Justin Moczarski had the best weekend at his home Alpencup event in Winterberg on the past weekend. With a second place in the Individual Gundersen 10 km event and the victory in the 5 km version, he took the yellow bib after the first stop of the 2016/17 season.

Martin Hahn victorious on Saturday

Klingenthal’s Martin Hahn triumphed in the first competition of the weekend. A promising fourth position after a 79.5 metre jump on Winterberg’s St. Georg hill put fast skier Hahn just 22 seconds behind jumping winner Luis Lehnert who had landed at 82 metres (111.0 p.). It took only the first of the six 1.6 km laps for Hahn and a group of other fast skiers to work their way to the front.

Even though Moczarski did his utmost to close the gap coming from the 33st position and +0:55 seconds back, Hahn proved to be too strong in the end. The fastest cross-country time of 24:02.4 put Moczarski in the second position, 2.5 seconds behind Hahn at the finish line. The third place of the all-German podium went to Max Holland who finished 3.7 seconds after the winner. Ranks four to six were divided between Austria’s Samuel Mraz and Stefan Hauser and German Hans Neubert.

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Moczarski on top, Schnurr with hill record on Sunday

Sunday’s jumping event ended with a bang and a victory by German Constantin Schnurr who improved the hill record of the HS87 St. Georg hill to 90 metres. As he was not able to set a landing, his closest pursuer Julian Ketterer started just two seconds after him with a jumping distance of 86 metres. Moczarski held the intermediate position 13, +0:42 seconds behind Schnurr.

In the race, the fifth-fastest time was enough to catapult Moczarski to the top spot and in the end, the numerous spectators on location were able to push their local hero to take a close victory, 0.5 seconds ahead of Maximilian Pfordte and 0.8 seconds ahead of Christian Deuschl. Tim Kopp, Vid Vrhovnik and Philip Beikircher ended up on the positions four till six.

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