OPA: Jenny Nowak and Lisa Hirner win in Val di Fiemme

08 October 2018 13:34
Lisa Hirner and Jenny Nowak were unbeatable in Fiemme
Lisa Hirner and Jenny Nowak were unbeatable in Fiemme -
Romina Eggert

Jenny Nowak and Lisa Hirner won an OPA Alpencup competition week each at the event weekend in Val di Fiemme (ITA). On Saturday, Jenny Nowak beat jumping winner Hirner by 51.2 seconds on the 5 km lap in the end, on Sunday, Hirner turned the tables and claimed the victory in the 2.5 km sprint race by 5.5 seconds.

90.5 metres and 102.1 points gave Hirner a head start of 24 seconds on Jenny Nowak (87.5 m; 96.2 p.) in the first event, local hero Annika Sieff following in third position with +0:37 seconds after a jump of 86 metres (92.9 p.).

The sixth fastest time was enough for Nowak to claim a clear victory over Hirner. The Austrian was followed by Sieff, the Italian finally finished eight seconds later at the finish line. The fastest athlete on the track was Germany’s Emilia Görlich, who needed 13:17.3 for the 5 km track and improved from position 16 to position nine. 

Anna Jäkle, Daniela Dejori, Ema Volavsek, Lena Prinoth, Maria Gerboth and Marie Nähring claimed the remaining Top Ten positions in the field of 18 ladies taking part.

Final Results

Ski Jumping Results

Sunday saw Hirner jump to 93.5 metres and establishing a 45-second lead over runner-up Nowak with a total of 115.4 points compared to Nowak’s 100.4. Again, Annika Sieff held the intermediate bronze position with 84.5 metres and 96.5 points. She had to start her race with a disadvantage of 57 seconds. 

In the race, Hirner held on to her lead, even if Nowak did her best to close the gap to the young Austrian. Again, Annika Sieff managed to defend her third position, finishig 45.8 seconds after Hirner. Ranks four to ten went to Daniela Dejori, Sophia Maurus, Anna Jäkle, Emilia Görlich, once more the fastest woman on roller skis, Ema Volavsek, Lena Prinoth and Lena Brocard.

Final Results

Ski Jumping Results

In the overall standings, Lisa Hirner leads with 320 points ahead of Daniela Dejori (240 p.) and Sophia Maurus (185 p.)

Overall Standings