OPA: Lena Prinoth wins in Klingenthal

07 August 2017 19:42
Lena Prinoth wins in Klingenthal
Lena Prinoth wins in Klingenthal -
Gabriela Gierke

The OPA Alpencup action started for the summer of 2017 with one competition for the Nordic Combined ladies in Klingenthal, Germany. It ended with a victory of Italian Lena Prinoth, who beat local hero Jenny Nowak by 31.1 seconds. Pinoth’s teammate Annika Sieff finished third, +1:04.0 behind Prinoth.

The jumping part had Klingenthal native Alexandra Seifert in the pole position after a jump of 76.5 metres but because of an allergy, a running race was not an option for the German. Jenny Nowak was the runner-up with 74 metres and started at 0:02. Austrians Lisa Eder and Lisa Hirner held positions three and four but also did not start in the following cross-country run and so it was up to fifth-ranked Lena Prinoth to start the pursuit of the leader.

And the Italian followed through. With a great performance, Prinoth had already closed the gap of 28 second at the halfway point of the race and continued to gain on Nowak until the finish line.

“In total, I am satisfied with the past two days”, runner-up Nowak said. “Of course it would have been nice to win today, especially given the fact that I improved a lot in the cross-country part.”

The ladies will have another competition in Bischofsgrün at the end of the week.

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