OPA: Mach and Lamparter victorious in Fiemme

08 October 2018 14:55
Johannes Lamparter wins in Val di Fiemme
Johannes Lamparter wins in Val di Fiemme -
Romina Eggert

Val di Fiemme played host to a full OPA Alpencup Nordic Combined weekend and David Mach (GER) and Johannes Lamparter (AUT) were the best athletes of the weekend with a victory each. Mach triumphed on the longer distance of 10 km by hair’s breath and 0.1 second ahead of teammate Adrian Gllareva, Florian Dagn (AUT) was third.

The 5 km sprint even on Sunday had Lamparter on top of the podium with an advantage of 4.7 seconds on Dominik Terzer (AUT). Marc Rainer Luis completed the Austrian podium sweep on rank three (+8.7 sec).

David Mach and Johannes Lamparter had almost identical results in the first jumping part of the weekend, jumping 99 metres each and raking in 124 and 123.9 points in total. Three seconds after the two leaders, Dominik Terzer started his race after showing 101.5 metres (123.3 p.) on the hill. Germany’s Jonas Meier showed the longest jump with 102 metres and was rewarded with rank four, starting nine second behind Mach.

The first six ranks were fought over very hard with Mach, Gllareva, Dagn, Lamparter, Luis and Max Teeling all finishing within 3.3 seconds of each other. Together with Fabian Hinterberger on rank seven, the Austrian team showed a strong performance with five athletes in the Top Ten. Wendelin Thannheimer on rank eight was another strike for Team Germany, which had three athletes in the Top Ten, which were closed out by Italy’s Aaron Kostner and Slovenia’s Rok Jelen.

Final Results

Ski Jumping Results

Johannes Lamparter claimed the pole position for himself in Sunday’s shorter 5 km race. He jumped to 97.5 metres and 131.9 points gave him a narrow 2-second lead on teammate Dominik Terzer, who had shown 97 metres. David Mach followed from position three, +0:13 seconds after Lamparter.

The 5 km race did not end as tightly as the 10 km of the previous day but there were still five athletes who finished within the first 10 seconds. Lamparter had the better end for himself, finishing 4.7 seconds ahead of Terzer, Rainer another four seconds behind them. Florian Dagn was fourth (+9.0), David Mach ended his weekend on rank five (+10.1) and Wendelin Thannheimer, Ozbej Jelen, Rok Jelen, Giulio Bezzi and Gasper Brecl claimed the remaining Top Ten results.

Final Results

Ski Jumping Results

In the Overall Standings, Austria’s Florian Dagn leads with 220 points ahead of Max Teeling (216 p.) and Rok Jelen (158 p.).

Overall Standings