OPA: Vermeulen & Schnurr take last victories of the season

14 March 2016 00:00
Vermeulen, Schnurr and Kostner on top in Baiersbronn
Vermeulen, Schnurr and Kostner on top in Baiersbronn -

The Alpencup season ended with two more events in Baiersbronn, Germany on the past weekend and Austrian Mika Vermeulen and Germany’s Constatin Schnurr were the last two athletes who wrote their names down in the winners list of the winter.

On Saturday, Vermeulen stormed to the victory after making up a one minute and 36 second-delay on jumping leader Constantin Schnurr and overtaking seventeen athletes on his way to the victory. Vermeulen set the fastest time of the day, needing 23:56.2 for the 10 kilometres and compensated for his only 105.5 points after the jumping round.

Schnurr headed the result list after the jumping round with 129.5 points and held on to the second rank in the end finishing 5.5 seconds behind Vermeulen but before Italy’s Aaron Kostner who crossed the finish line shortly after, 6.9 seconds later than Vermeulen.

On Sunday was Schnurr’s time to strike back. This time, he was beaten by teammate Simon Hüttel in the jumping round 127 to 122.5 points but on the 5 kilometre-track, the tenth-fastest cross-country time was enough to overtake Hüttel and finish 2.6 seconds ahead of his teammate. Aaron Kostner captured another third rank for Italy, finishing 35.4 seconds after winner Schnurr.

In the overall, Frenchman Laurent Muhlethaler took a win in absence (he was busy entering his first Continental Cup podium in Klingenthal) with 659 points. Phillip Mauersberger was reached the second place with 443 points and Simon Hüttel improved to the third rank with 430 points.