OPA: Victories for Hüttel and Deuschl in Hinterzarten

02 October 2016 22:12
Simon Hüttel wins in a sprint finish in Hinterzarten
Simon Hüttel wins in a sprint finish in Hinterzarten -
Romina Eggert

The second stop of the OPA Alpencup tour featured two events in Hinterzarten on the past weekend. The 5 kilometre event was taken by Germany’s Simon Hütttel, the winner of the 10 km Individual Gundersen was Christian Deuschl from Austria.

On Saturday, Austria’s Manuel Einkemmer set the standard on the hill with a 107 metre jump, accumulating a total of 138.5 points. He had a 22-second head start on three second-placed athletes, fellow Austrian Christian Deuschl and Germans Simon Hüttel and David Mach who all had 133 points to show for. Also in hot pursuit on the track were Czech Ondrej Pazout and Germany’s Maximilian Pfordte who had to make up 30 and 32 seconds respectively.

In the end, it was Simon Hüttel who narrowly beat out Pazout and Deuschl by 0.2 and 0.4 seconds to take the win in the first event. Finishing 3.5 and 3.7 seconds later were the two other members of the leading group, Manuel Einkemmer and Maximilian Pfordte.

Ski Jumping results
Final Results

On the second competition day, it was Christian Deuschl, Manuel Einkemmer and Maximilian Pfordte again who ruled on the jumping hill. 107 metres gave the pole position to Christian Deuschl who defended his lead until the finish line. 24 seconds later, Manuel Einkemmer started into the 10 km race but the longer distance proved to be very hard for the young Austrian who finally finished on position 19.

Gaining a lot of ground was fast skier and Winterberg-winner Justin Moczarski who started from position 25 with a time disadvantage of one minute and 46 seconds. He crossed the finish line on the silver position, 11.8 seconds after Deuschl. The third place went to a Czech athlete, Jan Vytrval who finished 14.4 seconds after Deuschl after starting from rank 10 with a handicap of one minute and 24 seconds.

Ski Jumping results
Final Results

In the overall ranking. Justin Moczarski kept his first place with now 260 points. After his successful weekend with two podium results, Christian Deuschl ranks second with 220 points, Maximilian Pfordte is third with 160 points.

Overall Standings