Pawel Slowiok wins Polish national title

21 July 2014 11:50
Podium Polish summer nationals 2014
Podium Polish summer nationals 2014 -
Alicja Kosman / PZN

The Polish summer nationals have been held at Wisla on the past weekend and an undisputed victory went to the title defender Pawel Slowiok. The silver and bronze ranks went to Mateusz Wantulok and Szczepan Kupczak.

A total of 16 starters tried their best in the competition on Wisla’s HS 134 hill and the Jonidlo roller-skiing tracks in sunny conditions but Poland’s team leader Adam Cieslar had to pass on the competition due to his recovery from a collarbone fracture sustained earlier during a training camp.

In the jumping part, Mateusz Wantulok took the lead with a good jump of 127 metres which gave him 120 points and a 29-second lead on second-ranking Szczepan Kupczak who landed at 119,5 metres (112.8 p.). Winner Slowiok had a not quite perfect jump and only ranked third at the intermediate point with 117.5 metres and 109.8 points.

In the roller-ski race, this meant 41 seconds of time behind for Slowiok who had to overtake Kupczak and Wantulok on the fairly flat course. In the end, Slowiok managed the feat and won with a 4.6 second margin on second-placed Mateusz Wantulok. Szczepan Kupczak finished +1:01.3 behind the Slowiok. Places four to six went to Jan Lowisz, Wojciech Marusarz and Marcin Budz.

„I am very pleased with my race, especially as this course is quite flat. After the jumping part, it seemed quite hard to make up the time behind but I went for it from the first lap on. I was able to catch up with Mateusz on the second-but-last lap and was able to overtake him“, a happy Slowiok analysed his competition after the finish. 

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