Perfect start into Alpencup season for German team

13 September 2015 17:29
Terence Weber on top in Winterberg
Terence Weber on top in Winterberg -
FIS/Silke Tegethof

After the Alpencup Ladies already had their debut in Klingenthal earlier this summer, it was now time for the Alpencup men to get underway with their season 2015/16. The first competition weekend took place in Winterberg and the German team had a dream start with a triple victory on both days.

In the 10-kilometre Individual Gundersen event on Saturday, it was Vinzenz Geiger who added the first place to his merit list after already having turned heads with an eighth rank at the Summer Grand Prix competition in Oberstdorf a week ago. Geiger crossed the finish line 1.6 second ahead of teammate Philipp Mauersberger and 3.8 seconds before local hero Justin Moczarski who delighted the home crowd with a podium position.

After the jumping event, it had been Austria’s Christian Deuschl, who held the lead but in the end, he had to be satisfied with the fourth position. The longest jump of the day was made by Slovenia’s Jaka Matko who landed at 83 metres and shared Deuschl’s first position with the same point value of 115 but fell back to a 25th rank in the end. The fastest roller-ski time was set by Sebastian Voigt who needed 22:15.5 for the 10 kilometres and improved his 31st position after jumping to a final eighth position. With ranks five and six, Slovene Vid Vrhovnik and France’s Laurent Muhlethaler also entered the Top Ten.

Ski Jumping Results
Final Results

The second competition day had the 5 km Individual Gundersen competition on schedule and on this day, it was Terence Weber who reigned supreme. Not only was he the best jumper with 88.5 metres, just a metre below the hill record on Winterberg’s St. Georg jumping hill, he also celebrated a start-finish victory on the track, beating teammates Phillip Mauersberger by 4.4 and Vinzenz Geiger by 5.2 seconds.

France’s Laurent Muhlethaler showed another great performance and claimed the fourth rank while last year’s winner Noa Ian Mraz had a comeback after his 16th place of the previous day. With the strongest roller-ski performance of the day (14:48.6 for the 5 km), he conquered the final fifth position. The sixth rank went to local hero Justin Moczarski who claimed the title of „Man of the Day“ for the best younger athlete two times this weekend.

Ski Jumping Results
Final Results