Petr Kutal ends his career

19 April 2016 09:57
Petr Kutal
Petr Kutal -

After the past winter, Czech Republic’s Petr Kutal has decided put a stop to his career. Since he began with Nordic Combined in 1994, the 27-year-old started in 22 times in the World Cup and four times at World Championships. Highlights of his career include a bronze medal at the Universiade in Harbin in 2009 and a third rank with the team at the Junior World Championships in Rovaniemi in 2005.

Always being a more talented ski jumper, he had to work hard in the cross-country part but his progress was slowed down by having to undergo shoulder and knee surgery twice. In 2014, Kutal finished his studies at the TU in Liberec with a degree in engineering.