Pittin 2.0: Stability on the hill and fun on the track

18 June 2016 12:02
Alessandro Pittin in the lift
Alessandro Pittin in the lift -

Putting his blackest year of competing behind him, Italia team leader Alessandro Pittin looks to the future. The twenty six year-old from Cercivento is by far the most successful athlete in the history of Italian Nordic Combined with fourteen podiums in the World Cup (including three consecutive wins in 2012 in Chaux-Neuve), an Olympic bronze in Vancouver 2010 and a silver medal at the World Championships in Falun in 2014 but last season he struggled to get results equal to his expectations.

So Pittin stopped the season, looked within himself and started to reset the system, and has begun to prepare in Planica in recent weeks - together with Janko Zwitter, the responsible coach of female jumping with whom he is trying to rebuild his technical movement under the supervision of head coach Paolo Bernardi.

“The goal is clear“, the vice world champion from the small hill says on fisi.org, „to find that stability and continuity on the jumping hill that I probably have never really possessed, even in the period when I won in the World Cup and won medals at the Olympics and World Cup. Mine was a technique that worked in certain wind conditions and trampoline but it was not one that I was able to adapt to changing conditions. I am not trying to „revolutionize“ my system but rather to match all pieces.  We know that I have no problem to catch up to many skiers on the track but the gaps which I accumulated in the past year have made all my performance on the narrow skis in vain. I cannot continue like that. "

In the Slovenian town of Plamica,  Pittin is training on the small hills and will do so until the end of August, when he will join the rest of the team. "I have set specific goals. Even though the next two seasons with the World Cup and Olympics are very important, what matters most is to get back to enjoy myself as I used to. If I manage to do this, I’m sure the results will come back."