Polish team plagued by injuries

01 July 2013 21:03
POL injuries
POL injuries -

The Polish Nordic Combined head coach Jan Klimko does not have much to smile these days. A total of three of his athletes succumbed to injuries during the last couple of days and will have to pause their training for four to five weeks.

After returning from a training camp in Spala Andrzej Gasienica started to feel pain in his knee. Further examination hinted to surgery being necessary to improve the condition of the knee. An arthroscopy was performed at the hospital in Zory and Gasienica will have to spend four till six weeks until he can be jumping and running again.

Adam Cieslar was already plagued by knee problems during the last winter and while the old injury was healed, he sustained another injury to the knee during the camp in Spala. Fortunately, in this case a surgery is not necessary as the pain was mainly due to too much stress on the knee. While he has to pause with jumping for about four weeks now, he can still train on roller skis and the bike.

Teammate Szczepan Kupczak broke his metatarsal during a handball course at the University of Physical Education on Kattowice. He has received an orthosis and will not return to training for at least five to six weeks.