COC: Pommer makes it two in a row in the USA

13 December 2015 09:40
Another victory for David Pommer in Utah
Another victory for David Pommer in Utah -

Next victory for Austria’s David Pommer! Yesterday’s winner also stood on the very top of the podium today by beating out local hero Taylor Fletcher by 00:00.1 seconds. Italy’s Armin Bauer took the third rank, 00:46.1 behind the winner.

It was Japan’s Hisaki Nagamine again who ruled supreme on Utah Olympic Park’s HS 100 hill. This time, he set a 96.5 metre jump, the same distance as Norwegian Audun Hokholt who ended up starting 6 seconds behind the Japanese due to the slightly lower point total. USA’s Ben Loomis showed a strong jump of 96 metres and claimed an intermediate third position. Pommer was ready to pounce once more with  a good seventh position, 46 seconds behind the intermediate leader.

On the track, however, Pommer faced stiff competition from local hero Taylor Fletcher who found back to old cross-country strength and set the fastest time of 22:40.1 for the 10 kilometre race. Fletcher made up one minute on Pommer but in the end to Austrian proved to be too strong on the final metres. A hair’s breadth of 0.1 second decided the race in favour of Pommer in the end. Italian World Cup athlete Armin Bauer found back to old strength after a suboptimal seventh position on the first day and finished third, advancing fron the 16th position.

The Team USA had a strong day and placed four athletes in the Top Ten. Next to Fletcher’s second rank, youngster Ben Loomis impressed with a fourth positon, followed by Michael Ward on rank six and Ben Berend on rank eight. Norway also recovered from a disastrous result yesterday an placed Hokholt on rank five and Riiber on rank seven. With yesterday’s runner-up Bernhard Flaschberger disqualified in the jumping part, the only remaining Austrian’s in the Top Ten were Alexander Brandner on nine and Martin Fritz on ten, leaving winner Pommer out of the consideration. A total of six athletes were disqualified due to non-rule conforming suits.

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