Portyk defends Czech national title

16 October 2016 21:37
Tomas Portyk defends his national title in 2016
Tomas Portyk defends his national title in 2016 -
Czech Nordic Combined Team

Tomas Portyk has defended his Czech national title from the large hill in Liberec today. With the first place in the jumping event and a steady 10 kilometre roller ski performance, Portyk took the top spot of the podium with 34.1 seconds on second-placed Miroslav Dvorak. The third position went to youngster Ondrej Pazout (+1:10.9).

On the jumping hill, Portyk had the by far longest jump, landing at hill size on Liberec’s HS 134 hill. 129 metres recorded for Ondrej Pazout meant a heat start of 38 seconds for Portyk. Team veteran Miroslav Dvorak took up the chase at +0:56 and while he had no hope of catching Portyk on the 5x 2 km loop, he managed to close the gap tp Pazout at the beginning of the third lap.

In the end, Pazout was no match to Dvorak and so the podium places were distributed with Lukas Danek coming in on the fourth position, the fifth rank went to Jan Vytrval, the sixth to Martin Zeman. For the junior category this meant the top three positions for Pazout, Danel and Vytrval.