Qualification in Ramsau: Klimov strikes back!

19 December 2014 11:58
Evgeniy Klimov takes the qualification in Ramsau
Evgeniy Klimov takes the qualification in Ramsau -

Evgeniy Klimov strikes back! After a weaker start into the season in Ruka and Lillehammer, the Russian jumping sensation has taken the win in today’s qualification/PCR in Ramsau am Dachstein. Fellow jumping specialists Haavard Klemetsen and Yoshito Watabe took ranks two and three.

With 95.5 metres and a total of 135.5 points, the Russian headed the result list of the day and put 17 seconds between him and runner-up Haavard Klemetsen should the PCR have to be used. Klemetsen jumped 97 metres but only came to a total of 131.3 points. Japan’s Yoshito Watabe landed at 96 metres and with 129.5 points, he will start 24 seconds after Klimov.

The rest of the Top Ten featured strong Czech jumper Tomaz Portyk, Akito Watabe, Italy’s Samuel Costa, Maxime Laheurte, Marjan Jelenko, Jan Schmid and Eric Frenzel. For the smaller hill, the time differences between the athletes were relatively big with the Top Ten within 50 seconds.

Fast Germans Fabian Rießle and Johannes Rydzek hat good jumps and ranked 13th and 15, with time behind of +0:54 and +1:02 of time disadvantage, a manageable distance. Norwegian counterparts Mikko Kokslien and Magnus Moan landed on ranks27 and 33, +1:14 and +1:22 after Klimov.

20 Athletes did not qualify for the individual competition on Sunday, most notably Bryan Fletcher, Willi Denifl, Alessandro Pittin and Lukas Runggaldier. Also Park City COC winner Tomaz Druml did not make it into the competition on Sunday.

Final Results