Record breaking Norwegian athletes on the way to the "next level"

17 July 2013 13:31
Team Norway
Team Norway -

To be saying that the Norwegian Nordic Combined athletes are in good shape right now might even be a little understated looking at the results of a test race in the latest training camp in Trondheim which concluded on Tuesday.

Magnus Krog set a new track record on roller skies for the track from Ila to Skitstua while teammate Jan Schmid chose to run and a formula used to calculate his running performance against the roller ski efforts of his teammates actually declared Schmid to be the winner.

But also for Jørgen Graabak and Håvard Klemetsen, things are looking bright. Both Norwegians set new personal bests in the roller ski part. Magnus Moan was also close to an old roller ski record of his. 

The sixth member of the national team, Mikko Kokslien, didn't start in the roller ski race due to a heavy training load in the days before but was nevertheless in good spirits: "The training camp in Trondheim was nice. We jumped a lot and had good sessions with high quality. My jumping is improving but I'm still struggling a bit in the cross-country part. I've been training a lot and maybe had a little too many hard sessions. So, I am feeling tired and the legs are not working the way they should. But it's summer and sometimes you have to be a bit tired to get to the next level!"

The next training camp for the Norwegian athletes will take place in Trondheim again at the beginning of August.