Repeat Title for Bryan Fletcher

02 August 2015 15:12
Bryan Fletcher on the way to his second U.S. title
Bryan Fletcher on the way to his second U.S. title -

On a hot summer evening on the Olympic trails of Soldier Hollow, Olympian Bryan Fletcher  notched a repeat national title at the U.S. Nordic Combined Championships. The jump leader from the Utah Olympic Park HS134-meter large hill earlier in the day, Fletcher held off a hard-charging Adam Loomis for gold with Loomis taking silver and Taylor Fletcher bronze.

Bryan Fletcher, who had been in the lead after the jumping part with a total of 104 points and 26 seconds of head start on his young teammate Adam Loomis had to race hard to keep Loomis at bay. Suprisingly, it was the 23-year-old and not Fletcher's younger brother Taylor, who set the fastest time on the track. Loomis needed 20:22 for the roller-ski track and caught up 20 seconds on Fletcher who finally crossed the finish line only 5 seconds ahead of Loomis. Taylor Fletcher grabbed the remaining spot on the podium by improving his fifth rank after jumping and overtaking Ben Berend and Jasper Good who finished fifth and sixth in the end. The unlucky fourth position went to Michael Ward.

Final Results